Drilling Mud Recycling System

Drilling mud plays a very important function for oil drilling . So keep the character of drilling mud will be important . There are several ways to processing drilling mud, and Drilling Mud Recycling System is the best and most effective way.

Drilling Mud Recycling System
Drilling Mud Recycling System

In some applications, the Drilling Mud Recycling System is equal to solids control system, but the full mud circulating system in drilling work, contains more. Except for the four phase, five equipment as we know, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander and desilter (or mud cleaner), decanter centrifuge. There also include mud pump, electric generator, control panel, chemical reagent treatment unit, and so on.

The main components related to Drilling Mud Recycling System are mud pumps, mud pits, mud mixing equipment and contaminant removal equipment. Drilling fluid is usually a mixture of water, clay, weighting material (barite) and chemicals.

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