Shale Shaker Screens Manufacturers in China

Worlds leading shale shaker screens manufacturers including Derrick,Brandt,Mi-Swaco..These companies shale shaker are widely used around the world,and derrick,brandt ,mi-swaco shale shaker screen are very expensive.If you buy the replacement type screen from China.You can choose KOSUN and you’ll enjoy better price.

shale shaker screen manufacturers
shale shaker screen manufacturers

As a shale shaker screen manufacturer in China,we know how to select the best shale shaker screen for customer. Just tell us the models and specs of any brand of shake shakers including derrick,brandt,swaco replacement  shale shaker screen.We will supply  you with different price for different quality screens.

Screening surfaces used in solids control equipment are generally made of woven wire screen cloth, in many different sizes and shapes. The following characteristics of screen cloth are important in solids applications.Screens may be constructed with one or more LAYERS. NON-LAYERED screens have a single screen cloth mounted in a screen panel. These screens will have openings that are regular in size and shape. LAYERED screens have two or more screen cloths, usually of different mesh, mounted in a screen panel. These screens will have openings that vary greatly in size & shape.

Mesh is defined as the number of openings per linear inch. Mesh, can be measured by starting at the center of one wire and counting the number of openings to a point one inch away. SIZE OF OPENING is the distance between wires in the screen cloth & is usually measured in fractions of an inch or microns. Screens of the same mesh may have different sized openings depending on the diameter of the wire used to weave the screen cloth.

The smaller the diameter of the wire results in larger screen openings allowing larger particles to pass through the screen. The larger the diameter of the wire, the smaller the particles that will pass through the screen Remember: It is the size of the opening in a screen not the mesh count that determines the size of the particles separated by the screen.

Percent of open area: is the amount of the screen surface, which is not blocked by wire. The greater the wire diameter of a given mesh screen, the less open space between the wires. For example; a 4 mesh screen made of thin wire has a greater percent of opening than a 4 mesh screen made of thick wire.The open area of a non-layered, square or oblong mesh can be calculated and should be available from your screen supplier. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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