Oil-based Mud Zero Discharge system treatment process

KOSUN Oil-based Mud Zero Discharge system processing process: the drilling fluid mud to be processed is transported to the cuttings dryer, the processed drilling fluid mud is transported to the drilling fluid centrifuge for further processing, and the mud after the drilling fluid centrifuge is processed, the liquid is reinjected into the mud circulation system, and the treated solid waste is transported to the cuttings box. The equipment of KOSUN Oil-based Mud Zero Discharge system mainly includes: drill cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw pump, screw conveyor, cuttings box, etc.

Oil-based Mud Zero Discharge system

KOSUN is a professional manufacturer of drilling waste mud Zero Discharge treatment systems. Customers are welcome to inquire about drilling waste and mud Zero Discharge treatment systems. KOSUN will provide customers with satisfactory waste treatment system technolog, Programs and services.

KOSUN Drilling Waste Treatment System is also known as the Zero Discharge mud system and the non-floating mud processing system while drilling. It is divided into: Water-based Mud Zero Discharge treatment system and Oil-based Mud Zero Discharge system according to its purpose.

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