Shale Shaker Common Faults and Daily Maintenance Skills

Shale Shaker is the first level of solid control equipment in the drilling fluid purification system, which is used to separate the large particles of drill cuttings contained in the drilling fluid, and the drilling fluid containing smaller particles after treatment can enter the next level of solid control equipment for further processing.

We may encounter some problems in the process of using shale shaker, first of all, we should learn to eliminate the following common failures:

1, Motorized motor rotation is bad

2, Abnormal sound

3, raw materials can not be automatically discharged

4, Fine mesh is easy to break

5, Discharge frame outlet cracked

The following is the daily maintenance skills of KOSUN Shale Shaker to increase the service life of your equipment:

1, Before starting: check whether the coarse mesh and fine mesh are broken or not, and whether each group of beam ring is tightly locked.

2, When starting: pay attention to whether there are abnormal noises, whether the power supply is stable, and whether there is any abnormal vibration.

3, After use: clean up the regular maintenance after each use:

(1) Regularly check the coarse and fine nets and springs for fatigue and breakage, and whether all parts of the body are damaged due to vibration.

(2) motor running two weeks, must be supplemented with a timely lithium-based grease. Accumulate 1500 hours of operation, check the bearings, and replace them immediately if they are damaged.

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