Shaker Screen Installations Steps for Shale Shaker

Shaker Screen

A shale shaker screen is an integral part of the drilling  process as it directly contributes to the efficiency of solid control equipment. If not handled properly it may lead to a premature failure or damage of the shale shaker screens which could result in loss of resources as well as monetary loss for the operators. Thus it is very important to understand the proper installation process of a shaker screen in a shale shaker.

shaker screen
shaker screen

Let us take you through the shaker screen installation process one step at a time. The very first step in the process will be to shut down the equipment completely, unplug the power and wait for the equipment to come to a stationary position. Step two will be to clean the equipment that will hold the screen in place, in case you replacing the older ones, or want to just clean and refit the same screen, make sure the screen and the equipment is in clean condition and also look out for any wear and tear of screws or straps that holds to keeps the shaker screens in place. After this the third and final step is to mount the shaker screen panel onto the shaker deck and slid it toward the equipment to fit into the slot. Make sure that the draw bolts are unlocked beforehand and ready to engage with the screen panel’s feed end. Fasten all the screws and nuts back into the place.

The size and shape of shaker screen will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and so will the fashion in which they will be mounted. Few popular examples are, Hook Strap Screen, Wedge Blocked Screen, Steel framed screen or composite frame screen. Each will essentially be different only in the way they are fastened to the  shale shaker deck.

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