The function and classification of KOSON mud guns

KOSON mud gun relies on the high-pressure fluid flow in the mud pipeline to generate high-pressure jet impact force through the nozzle of the mud gun to flush the sediment at the bottom of the drilling mud tank to make it suspended.

The main function of the KOSON mud gun is: auxiliary mud agitator, right the corners of the mud tank, the bottom edge of the mud tank and the deposits of the suction ports of each pump are prevented from depositing, and then the agitator is used for uniform mixing. After the agitator stops running for a period of time, the agitating impeller will be buried by the deposited sediment. Before it needs to be re-run, the KOSON mud gun can reduce part of the resistance when the agitator is started, which provides a guarantee for normal operation.

KOSON mud gun is divided into high-pressure gun and low-pressure gun. Because the high-pressure mud gun is a tributary supply of drilling pump, its pressure level can reach 1~6MPa; as for the low-pressure gun, it is supplied by sand pump, and its working pressure level is 0.2 ~0.3MPa. In general, the number of KUSON mud guns should be determined according to the number of mud mixers.

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