The role of KOSUN KD slurry treatment unit

The role of the slurry treatment unit is to separate the clay and crushed stone mixed mud formed by cutting tool head from solid to liquid, and achieve multi-level control separation according to different requirements, and finally meet the mud reuse.

KOSUN, as the equipment supplier of the famous Italian international engineering service company I.C.O.P., based on the company’s previous long-term experience in using the slurry separation system of BAUER MAT, Germany, Co., Ltd. and I.C.O.P., jointly improved the equipment, which contributed to the creation and application of the KD series of shield mud and water treatment products.

When selecting slurry treatment equipment, two aspects must be considered:
1, must be able to effectively separate the sand and soil in the mud, control the mud density;
2, It must have the processing capacity commensurate with the speed of propulsion, and the shield machine is matched.

In addition to mud-water balance shield, construction mud of KOSUN KD slurry separation system is mainly produced by the following types of projects:

1, drilling pile foundation construction mud treatment – by rotary drilling drill, positive and negative circulation drill, impact drill drilling into the hole construction method;

  1. Slurry treatment for underground diaphragm wall construction — produced by the slotting construction method of diaphragm wall, double-wheel milling and other equipment;
  2. Trenchless construction mud – horizontal directional drilling and mud water pipe jacking construction.

The slurry separation products of KOSUN Metro construction include:
KD-500 shield slurry treatment system,
KD-200 shield slurry treatment system,
KD-100 shield slurry treatment system.

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