What are the characteristics of oil and gas reservoir drilling fluid?

Oil and gas reservoir drilling fluid is the “blood” of drilling and plays a very important role in drilling operations. Therefore, the requirements for drilling fluid are very high, according to the characteristics of different oil and gas layers, matching different types of drilling fluids. This article roughly summarizes the following four types of oil and gas reservoir drilling fluids and the characteristics of oil and gas reservoir drilling fluids.

1) Oil and gas reservoir drilling fluid-water-based drilling fluid

Water-based drilling fluid refers to the general term of various circulating fluids that meet the needs of drilling work with its multiple functions during oil and gas drilling.

Features of water-based drilling fluid: Low cost, Simple slurry preparation, Relatively low pollution.

2) Oil and gas reservoir drilling fluid-oil-based drilling fluid

Oil-based drilling fluid features: good lubricity, little damage to oil and gas layers, and good for stabilizing the borehole wall. It is widely operated on various drilling platforms. Oil-based drilling fluid also has the characteristics of resistance to high temperature, salt and calcium erosion.

3) Gas drilling fluid is formed by injecting air or nitrogen into conventional drilling fluid. Characteristics of gas drilling fluid: Compared with ordinary drilling fluids, it has the advantages of fast speed, short cycle and low overall cost.

4) Oil and gas reservoir drilling fluid-synthetic base drilling fluid

Synthetic-based drilling fluids are often characterized by easy biodegradation, no pollution to the environment, and pollution discharge standards that meet national environmental protection requirements; the filtrate is the base fluid instead of water, which has good performance in stabilizing the well wall and protecting oil layer gas; the conventional performance is stable, easy to control and operate, the liquid phase has a high viscosity, which is good for suspending and carrying drill cuttings, and has high thermal stability, which can still meet the needs of carrying cuttings at high temperatures.

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