Advantages of petroleum shale shaker screen for oilfiled

Petroleum shale shaker screen is used in mud purification equipment (mud shale shaker) for oilfield drilling. The function of petroleum shale shaker screen is to separate the rock debris and other impurities generated during drilling from the mud through the high-speed shale shaker to achieve mud recycling and reuse. Mud is divided into water-based mud and oil-based mud. The use time of the screen in oil-based mud is shorter than that in water-based mud.

shale shaker screen

Advantages and Classification of petroleum shale shaker screen

Petroleum shale shaker screen are roughly divided into: flat shaker screens, wave shaker screens and composite shaker screens (also called hook-edge soft shaker screens).

Petroleum shale shaker screen production process: punching plate-shearing plate-sandblasting-cutting mesh-mesh and steel plate bonding (wave type screen is firstly dipped 2-3 layers of mesh together and pressed drum, and then bonded with steel plate )-Make side hook-boxing. The composite shale screen is: cutting mesh-two-layer mesh bonding-hooking-packing.

The advantages of the flat shaker screen: low cost, low freight (4 sheets per box), easy to repair the damaged mesh surface (the company has mesh repair patches).

Advantages of wave shaker screen: large screening area.

Frame type shaker screen, frame type shaker screen is divided into injection frame screen, steel frame screen, aluminum frame screen

Advantages: easy to install, easy to repair if the mesh surface is damaged.

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