Composition and Function of Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment

The OilySludge Treatment Equipment is mainly composed of liquid collection tanks, water tanks, cleaning tanks, high-frequency separation cleaning tanks, shale shaker, shear pumps, sand pumps, centrifuges, etc., using advanced physics, ultrasound, separation, and trinity differentiation treatment method, the oil and sand at the bottom of the tank are fully differentiated and the oil, water, and sand are completely separated and discharged.

Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment

The function of Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment is to separate the waste oil silt, extract the refined oil from the oil silt for useful use, and treat the separated silt and sewage in a harmless manner so that it can meet the discharge treatment specifications required by environmental protection, namely Completed the economic value, and reached the environmental protection requirements.

Features of KOSUN Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment:

1. Thorough separation of sludge;

2. No chemical additives are used in the whole process, which will not cause secondary pollution;

3. The equipment adopts modular skid-mounted structure for easy transportation, small floor space, low operating cost and easy operation;

4. The separated sediment and other solid phases have reached the environmental protection standard and can be used for paving roads and well pads for comprehensive utilization.

Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment is mainly used to treat the sludge produced by the drilling, workover, oil extraction, gathering, transportation, storage, etc. and the equipment pipeline due to accidental leakage during the crude oil excavation.

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