Mud treatment equipment can control the specific gravity and viscosity of the mud

Mud treatment equipment is a kind of pile foundation auxiliary machine that can control the mud performance index in the construction of mud wall protection. It can achieve strict control of the specific gravity, viscosity and sand content of the mud. This type of equipment can be used for mud purification treatment. The mud waste produced in the purification process is subjected to dry discharge treatment, and the treated mud can be recycled and reused, so the transportation and treatment cost of construction mud can be greatly saved.

The mud can be used as a lubricating and cooling agent in the construction of the pile foundation between the use of mud and processing equipment. It can cool the tools while washing the tools, prevent the wall from collapsing or peeling, and maintain the dug shape unchanged. In addition, when the construction pile hole is poured, the quality of the mud will also affect the end bearing effect of the cast-in-place pile. Therefore, according to the different construction process requirements, certain standards and requirements for the quality of the mud will inevitably be put forward in the mud making process. Therefore, in the process of mortar making, how to stably control the sand content and specific gravity of the mud has become a key factor in controlling the hole formation and pile quality of cast-in-place piles.

As a high-efficiency and energy-saving construction mud purification and reuse device, mud treatment equipment has obvious technical and economic advantages in terms of the quality of construction slurry and the cost of waste slurry treatment. High comprehensive benefits are produced in terms of quality assurance and pulp cost.

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