Mud treatment equipment can control the specific gravity and viscosity of the mud

Mud treatment equipment is a kind of pile foundation auxiliary machine that can control the mud performance index in the construction of mud wall protection. It can achieve strict control of the specific gravity, viscosity and sand content of the mud. This type of equipment can be used for mud purification treatment. The mud waste produced in the purification process is subjected to dry discharge treatment, and the treated mud can be recycled and reused, so the transportation and treatment cost of construction mud can be greatly saved.

The mud can be used as a lubricating and cooling agent in the construction of the pile foundation between the use of mud and processing equipment. It can cool the tools while washing the tools, prevent the wall from collapsing or peeling, and maintain the dug shape unchanged. In addition, when the construction pile hole is poured, the quality of the mud will also affect the end bearing effect of the cast-in-place pile. Therefore, according to the different construction process requirements, certain standards and requirements for the quality of the mud will inevitably be put forward in the mud making process. Therefore, in the process of mortar making, how to stably control the sand content and specific gravity of the mud has become a key factor in controlling the hole formation and pile quality of cast-in-place piles.

As a high-efficiency and energy-saving construction mud purification and reuse device, mud treatment equipment has obvious technical and economic advantages in terms of the quality of construction slurry and the cost of waste slurry treatment. High comprehensive benefits are produced in terms of quality assurance and pulp cost.

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Features of Engineering Slurry Separation System

Main features of Engineering Slurry Separation System:

1. The whole machine has a large slurry processing capacity, reaching 200m3/h and 500m3/h, with high purification and sand removal efficiency, and the separation particle size d50=0.060mm.

2. Simple operation, low failure rate, easy installation and use.

3. The sieved ballast material has a good dehydration effect.

4. Adjustable shale shaker’s exciting force, screen angle and screen hole size can maintain a good screening effect.

5. The shale shaker has high screening efficiency and can be adapted to the drilling footage of various drilling rigs in different formations.

6. It can be moved and used at will.

The function of the Engineering Slurry Separation System is to separate and treat the slurry water formed by the shield cutting, and then pump the recovered mud into the adjustment tank. The function of the shale shaker is to pre-treat the slurry water and remove the bulk and lumps particle. The separation of coarse particles adopts multi-layer shale shaker to meet the requirements of on-site use of mud particles. During the treatment process, particles larger than the mesh number of the screen are excluded from the system and flow into the sedimentation tank.

The Engineering Slurry Separation System is mainly suitable for geology, hydropower, urban construction, bridge pile foundations, etc. It is a necessary equipment for basic civilized construction. The sufficient purification of the mud is beneficial to control the performance indicators of the mud, sticking accidents, hole making, and the separation of mud and water from the ballast soil, which is beneficial to the efficiency of hole making, the reuse of the mud, and cost saving.

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Drilling waste treatment system realizes mud zero-discharge treatment

How to make the use of mud safe, environmentally friendly and save money has always been a major course in drilling production.

Problems encountered at the drilling site: Mud is called “drilling blood”. Oil-based mud mixed with oil, water, organic clay and chemicals can effectively reduce frictional resistance, reduce accident rates, and improve well quality , It is widely used in the construction of horizontal wells and deep vertical wells. In recent years, the use of oil-based mud by drilling crews has increased, and the consequent increase in costs and safety and environmental protection issues have become increasingly prominent. In addition, due to the lack of oil-based mud and cuttings processing equipment, drilling engineering companies are very passive in bidding for foreign projects. Therefore, the drilling waste treatment system just solves this problem.

drilling waste treatment system
drilling waste treatment system

After the discarded drilling mud and cuttings are returned from the wellhead, they directly enter the device, and are conveyed to the cuttings dryer through the sealed long pipe-screw conveyor, and are rotated by the dryer and filtered by the screen. Most of the dried cuttings are discharged from the first sand outlet along another screw conveyor, and the remaining liquid mud is pumped into the centrifuge to be subdivided, and the fine cuttings are finally separated Discharge from the second sand outlet. At the same time, the treated mud is re-injected into the mud tank through the pipeline and recycled again.

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Composition and Function of Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment

The OilySludge Treatment Equipment is mainly composed of liquid collection tanks, water tanks, cleaning tanks, high-frequency separation cleaning tanks, shale shaker, shear pumps, sand pumps, centrifuges, etc., using advanced physics, ultrasound, separation, and trinity differentiation treatment method, the oil and sand at the bottom of the tank are fully differentiated and the oil, water, and sand are completely separated and discharged.

Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment

The function of Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment is to separate the waste oil silt, extract the refined oil from the oil silt for useful use, and treat the separated silt and sewage in a harmless manner so that it can meet the discharge treatment specifications required by environmental protection, namely Completed the economic value, and reached the environmental protection requirements.

Features of KOSUN Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment:

1. Thorough separation of sludge;

2. No chemical additives are used in the whole process, which will not cause secondary pollution;

3. The equipment adopts modular skid-mounted structure for easy transportation, small floor space, low operating cost and easy operation;

4. The separated sediment and other solid phases have reached the environmental protection standard and can be used for paving roads and well pads for comprehensive utilization.

Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment is mainly used to treat the sludge produced by the drilling, workover, oil extraction, gathering, transportation, storage, etc. and the equipment pipeline due to accidental leakage during the crude oil excavation.

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Subway Muck treatment and disposal equipment

KOSUN is a professional Slurry or Subway Muck treatment and disposal equipment provider. Adhering to the concept of “innovation, green, health and development”, KOSUN provides cutting-edge technology for domestic Slurry or Subway Muck treatment. We are committed to becoming a Slurry or Subway Muck treatment operation service provider. KOSUN
Subway Muck treatment and disposal equipment  had been successful used in shenzhen,China.

Subway Muck treatment and disposal equipment

Subway Muck treatment and disposal equipment

The treatment of sludge from industrial wastewater is still a difficult problem. The sludge composition of industrial wastewater is very complex, such as the sludge of dyeing wastewater, coking waste sludge, sludge containing various heavy, metal ions, have a considerable environmental hazard. At present, sludge treatment methods mainly include: medium temperature digestion, high temperature digestion, micro-additive method, chemical method, etc., but most of them cannot eradicate the pollutants in the sludge, especially the heavy metals, such as chromium, lead, and even gold. Sludge harmless treatment technology: through the harmless treatment process, decomposition of harmful substances.

In each processing link, it can be applied to the sludge harmless treatment technology, through the real harmless treatment, the sludge separation of metal, caused by bacteria, particulate matter, etc., effectively reduce the bacteria pollution index, and can quicken the pace of the degradation of toxic substances, within the rules, rapid processing of the pathogenic bacteria of sludge, thus achieve the goal of decomposition of sludge harmless, fully learn that in the process of sewage sludge to eliminate bacteria, not harmful to play advantage and function, so as to avoid secondary pollution in the process.

Slurry or Subway Muck treatment is a technology to separate solid particles from liquid in the mud, improve the porosity of pile foundation, reduce the amount of bentonite and reduce the cost of slurry production. It can control the quality of slurry water used for construction, realize the environmental protection transportation of slurry waste residue and discharge of slurry water, and meet the requirements of environmental protection construction site.

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Piling Mud Treatment Solution and Methods

Piling mud treatment has always been a problem in engineering construction. In the process of piling, there will produce a lot of mud, the mud is suspension liquid contains a certain amount of fine clay particles, which has a certain viscosity and difficult to separation for a long time.

Now how can we treatment these mud from piling? There are four Piling Mud Treatment Methods:

1.Piling mud treatment equipment: This method is to use the special pile mud treatment equipment to separate the mud from slurry water. Such as piling mud centrifuge, piling mud dewatering machine, piling mud separator, piling mud curing equipment. The biggest advantages of this method is convenient and effort. Sludge treatment efficiency, more environmental protection.

Piling mud treatment equipment
  • 2.Piling Mud Treatment Method of Sedimentation basin : On construction site, we can construct one sedimentation basin. First, we need to discharge sewage into sedimentation basin. Removing suspended solids, oil material and Neutralization processing, after detection to achieve discharge standard, we can discharge into the river.

3.Piling Mud Treatment Method of Natural dehydration: In the process of drilling perfusion, we can use shaker screen to seprate small gravel, sand and other solid particles from pile mud. then discharge it into mud pit and sufficient to precipitate until the natural dehydration and solidification.

4.Piling Mud Treatment Method of Flocculation Treatment: For waste mud water, we can add flocculants into it. Because the mud is suspension liquid contains a certain amount of fine clay particles, the macromolecule flocculant is a kind of water-soluble polymer,When mixed with mud water, it can destroy the stability of the slurry water in order to settlement of clay particles from the water condensed quickly.

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Notes for use of KOSUN horizontal screw centrifuge.

1. Horizontal screw centrifuge shall not be used for separating inflammable, toxic, corrosive or radioactive substances.

2. Read the instructions carefully before preparing to install or operate the horizontal screw centrifuge.

3. Do not operate centrifuges with damaged or unmarked warning labels.

4. If the vibration amplitude of the machine exceeds the limit specified in the data list of installation, operation and maintenance of this manual, the centrifuge shall not be used.

5. When the feeding temperature exceeds the limit specified in the data list of installation, operation and maintenance of this manual, the centrifuge shall not be used.

6. Do not start the centrifuge when there is ice water, freezing or hard material in the drum.

7. Do not operate the centrifuge in excess of the maximum speed of the drum and the maximum density of the solids specified in the manual data list or on the nameplate of the centrifuge.

8. Do not operate the centrifuge without belt cover and other protective facilities.

9. Regularly check all automatic cut-off devices and monitoring systems to ensure their normal operation.

10. Do not disassemble thehorizontal screw centrifuge if it cannot be determined whether the centrifuge is completely stopped, whether the main power supply is completely disconnected, and whether the main switch is disconnected and locked safely.

11. Do not operate the centrifuge when cracks, dents, pores or grooves appear in the drum, motor or supporting frame of the centrifuge.

12. Do not operate the centrifuge when the motor is running in the direction opposite to the indicated arrow.

13. Do not start the machine until the centrifuge has been completely installed.

14. Follow all lubrication procedures and steps of the equipment.

15. Inspect centrifuge and motor bases and all supporting racks, housings and fittings at least once a year on a regular basis.

16. Do not place rags or loose clothing near rotating parts.

17. When disassembling, installing or operating and maintaining the machine, strictly follow the normal procedures.

18. Only specially trained technical personnel can operate, clean, dismantle and install the horizontal screw centrifuge.

Different from China, developed countries abroad have long realized that sludge treatment and disposal is an indispensable link in the process of sewage treatment.

Different from China, developed countries abroad have long realized that sludge treatment and disposal is an indispensable link in the process of sewage treatment. They have made clear provisions on the objectives of sludge treatment and disposal in terms of laws and policies, and ensured the implementation through a series of policies.

In sludge treatment of the United States, in addition to the treatment of generated sludge, the whole sewage treatment system and sludge treatment system are regarded as an organic whole. In sewage treatment, sludge co-treatment is realized. As early as 1998, the European Union legislated to ban the Marine discharge of sludge, and the sanitary landfill of sludge should be gradually banned. The annual sludge capacity of 50,000 sewage treatment plants in EU countries is 40 million tons, and more than 50% of the sludge has been treated with anaerobic digestion, among which the anaerobic digestibility of sludge in Britain reaches 66%.

It can be seen that policy and technology are still effective ways to improve China’s sewage treatment capacity. Technical methods: to further accelerate the localization of sludge treatment and disposal equipment, improve the management and operation level of sewage treatment plants. In terms of policy, effectively coordinate the management of sludge treatment and disposal involving multiple units; More binding mandatory sludge discharge standards; Actively support the development and application of new sludge treatment technology; To encourage investment in sludge treatment by water plants. 66%.

Analysis of Resource Utilization of Sludge

KOSUN is a professional company that provides solid-liquid separation products and integrated solutions to solid waste disposal in the fields of energy conservation and environment protection, and focuses on development and services of complete technologies and equipment in sludge reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization. The sludge treated by KOSUN vertical centrifuge can be used as various resources in the following fields:

1. Agricultural resource utilization of sludge
If the sludge is used for agricultural purposes, it has the advantages of low operating cost, low energy consumption and low investment, and the organic part in sludge can be converted into the modifier component in the soil, so this utilization way is taken as the most promising disposal method.

2. Building materials utilization of sludge

2.1. Cementitious materials utilization of sludge
For sludge, it often contains more ash, especially in the treatment of sludge in wastewater by coagulation method, which contains a lot of Fe and Al components, and can be used as additives of building materials.

2.2. Sludge ceramsite
For lightweight ceramsite, it is usually used as a flower covering material or as a concrete aggregate and roadbed.

2.3. Sludge brick
Relevant researches show that sewer sludge can be used to make ecological bricks used in construction. This kind of brick is actually made by the following process: 10% sludge is mixed into the clay and then fired at 900°C, which can optimize the effect.

3. Animal feed utilization of sludge

Sludge contains lots of corresponding substances with many useful values, such as ash content ratio of 26.1% to 46.3%, fatty acids of 0 to 3.5%, and crude protein of 28.4% to 40.8%. Therefore, it can be treated as feed protein.

4. Sludge as fuel

The sludge itself is rich in organic matter. After low-temperature carbonization of sludge, the calorific value is equivalent to lignite, so the sludge can be used as fuel with a low calorific value.

If the sludge is not treated and is directly discharged into the environment, it will be seriously harmful to the surrounding environment. After the sludge is treated harmlessly, stabilized and reduced in volume, it can be used as a valuable resource in many fields.


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