Linear Shale Shakers Have Significant Advantages in Handling Large Volumes of Drilling Fluids

KOSUN Machinery’s QZS series linear shale shakers use vibrating motors as the vibration source, causing materials to be thrown up on the screen and move forward in a straight line. They have the advantages of low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure, no dust scattering, and automatic discharge. They are more suitable for assembly line operations. Additionally, KOSUN Machinery’s QZS linear shale shakers can adjust the solid separation effect through the AWD adjustment system.
Linear shale shakers have clear advantages in processing large volumes of drilling fluids. In such conditions, the powerful excitation force output by the linear vibrating screen, along with its efficient linear vibration trajectory, quickly removes a large amount of solid matter, effectively eliminating larger particles from the drilling fluid.

Features and advantages:

  1. High G-force vibration intensity (adjustable according to operating conditions).
  2. Fast drilling cuttings conveying speed and high processing capacity.
  3. Can handle large volumes of high-density drilling fluids.
  4. Screen frame angle adjustment device with an adjustment range of -1° to 5°.
  5. Quick tensioning system for easy replacement of screens.
  6. Feed box available in weir type and box type.
  7. Hooked-edge screens available in flat screen type.

KOSUN Machinery is a leader in the solid control industry and an expert in drilling waste management. Many products, such as their non-excavation mud recycling systems and Black Rhino series, are highly trusted by customers. KOSUN’s dedication and professionalism have forged the power of their brand!

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