Construction piling slurry separation equipment -DC series environmental protection horizontal screw settling centrifuge.

Construction piling slurry separation equipmentDC series environmental protection horizontal screw settling centrifuge.

Its working principle is to be processed after the sludge into the centrifuge, through the solid – liquid ratio, and rely on centrifugal field to expand the thousands of times, the sludge was settling in under the action of centrifugal force, be clarified sewage by clarifying liquid discharge pipe, dewatered sludge continuously from the host slag discharge mouth, again by shaftless screw conveyor directly transferred to the designated place or loading outbound, finally realizes the function of the separation of mud.

Based on the design principle of resource consumption minimization and manufacturing principle, various specially designed centrifuges have been widely used in environmental protection and industrial production fields.

KOSUN provide quality products and services to various industry users, not only high quality products, more importantly, KOSUN with rich experience dedicated to provide customers with a full range of customized solutions, from the design, selection and installation of horizontal screw centrifuge, to the special field of the whole set of equipment construction projects.

Maintenance of main bearing of construction piling separation equipment:

1. Lubricate the main bearing before starting the centrifuge or during the operation of 8 hours;

2. Lubricate once a day. The amount of grease used is strictly forbidden to exceed the standard;

3. If the centrifuge is out of service for a certain period of time every week, the main bearing should be lubricated before starting next time.

4. If the centrifuge is out of service for more than two weeks, the main bearing must be lubricated every two weeks.

Structure features of KOSUN vacuum degasser

During drilling operations, the gas carried by drilling fluid from the well can affect mud performance and safety, and also affect the service life of some equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to install a vacuum degasser to remove the gas concentration in the mud.

Structure features of KOSUN vacuum degasser:

1. Use vacuum pump to pump mud into the vacuum tank, and use it to make gas out of the vacuum tank, vacuum pump plays two different roles here;

2. Water ring vacuum pump is always in isothermal state in the working process, suitable for the suction of inflammable and explosive gases, with reliable safety performance;

3. The mud shoots to the four walls at high speed through the window of the rotor. The bubbles in the mud are completely broken and the degassing effect is good;

4. Main motor bias, lower machine center;

5. Adopt belt transmission to avoid complication of deceleration mechanism;

6. The use of liquid-gas separator will not cause water and gas to be discharged at the same time, so that the exhaust pipe is always unblocked.In addition, it can supply water to vacuum pump circularly, saving water.

7. The suction pipe is inserted into the slurry tank, and can be used as a high-power agitator when the slurry has no gas invasion.

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Contact person: Jinbo Zheng

Contact person: Jinbo Zheng

KOSUN provides high quality horizontal screw centrifuge products and related services.

KOSUN provides high quality horizontal screw centrifuge products and related services to customers in various industries, not only is it a high quality product, but also we will wholeheartedly provide customers with a full range of applicable solutions with rich experience. From the design, selection and installation of horizontal screw centrifuge, to the whole set of equipment construction projects in special fields.

Precautions for use of KOSUN horizontal screw centrifuge:

1. Horizontal screw centrifuge shall not be used to separate inflammable, toxic, corrosive and radioactive substances;

2. Before preparing to install or operate the horizontal centrifuge, please read and follow all requirements in the instructions;

3. Do not operate centrifuges with warning labels damaged or without warning labels;

4. If the mechanical vibration amplitude exceeds 24mm/ s, please stop immediately;

5. Do not start the centrifuge when the feeding temperature exceeds the installation, operation or hard material;

6. Do not start the centrifuge when there is ice water, freezing or hard substances in the drum;

7. Do not operate the centrifuge in excess of the maximum speed of drum and maximum density of solid as specified in the manual data list or as indicated on the nameplate of the centrifuge;

8. Do not operate the centrifuge without belt cover and other protective facilities;

9. Check all automatic cut-off devices and monitoring systems regularly to ensure their normal operation;

10. Do not disassemble the centrifuge if it is not determined whether the centrifuge is completely stopped, the main power supply is completely disconnected, and the main switch is disconnected and safely locked.

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Contact person: Jinbo Zheng

KOSUN water based mud waste disposal system

Water based mud treatment method:

It includes curing treatment, MTC technology, chemically enhanced solid-liquid separation technology, mechanical dehydration method, incineration method, spray drying method, recycling and recycling method, safe land burial method, land tillage method, desiccation field treatment, injection of safe stratum or annular space method, microbial method, etc. Among them, the emergence of water-based mud system, cracked the problem, the principle is curing treatment + separation liquid treatment, especially suitable for water-based mud treatment.

Water based mud treatment process:

Process can be divided into three part: first, abandoned water-base mud after high frequency sieve dehydration, removal of large solid phase, into the pulp slurry storage device, the solid phase after reaching high frequency dehydration dry loading pickup, liquid phase by agents after mixing, stirring, mixing using dewater sludge dewatering machine processing, degree of dry solid phase, liquid phase after up to standards for emissions. Enter the environmental separation system; Finally, the mud in the environmental separation system is separated, and the liquid is returned to the mud circulation system for use. The solid state can be used for on-site brick making or well laying.

Advantages of water based mud waste disposal system:

1. Adopting the international mainstream centrifugal separation and treatment technology under the auxiliary conditions of drugs, the main solid-liquid separation process and pharmaceutical preparation achieve continuous work and closed operation, with good system stability, low labor intensity, fewer personnel and less pharmaceutical consumption.

2. Drug preparation, flow regulation and water quality testing are all completed in the container room of drug preparation unit, which is convenient to operate, high precision of drug preparation and good working conditions, which is conducive to high quality work.

3. The curing operation adopts the combination of excavator feeding mixing and mixing with double spiral mixing conveyor and loading, which can be operated continuously, with good mixing effect and high mixing precision.

KOSUN mud solid waste treatment system can recycle drilling fluid waste.

KOSUN mud solid waste treatment system can recycle drilling fluid waste, reduce the cost of treatment, recycle useful mud or water, realize resource reuse, avoid the pollution of waste to the environment, meet the environmental protection requirements of local government regulations on waste discharge, and protect the environment.

Features of the drilling waste disposal system of KOSUN:

1. High integration level of system equipment, meeting the needs of drilling while drilling or post-drilling centralized processing;

2. Strong maneuverability, miniaturized assembly, convenient transportation, convenient operation and high processing efficiency;

3. The daily treatment capacity can reach 300m cubed, the solid phase moisture content after treatment is 15%-17%, the solid phase oil content rate is ≤5%, effectively separating and recovering a large amount of drilling fluid, which can be reused in the mud circulation system;

4. Integrated programmable logic controller (PLC), with automatic alarm indicator, can monitor temperature, torque, oil quantity and running time, easy to operate, safe and reliable;

5. Mild treatment conditions, low treatment cost, wide application and economic applicability;

6. Strong adaptability, able to deal with drilling wastes under different mud systems.

Xi’an KOSUN was established in 1992, the headquarters is located in xi ‘an, China, is China’s first generation of oil drilling fluid of high frequency vibrating screen manufacturers, professional manufacturer of centrifuges, solid control industry leader in China, drilling fluid waste management experts, the main business area of mainland China, the commonwealth of independent states, the Middle East, north Africa and the United States.

The performance and quality of drilling fluid solid control equipment is the key to solid control technology. Drilling fluid solids control system mainly includes the drilling fluid circulating tank, drilling fluid purification treatment equipment and electric control equipment three parts, including drilling fluid purification treatment equipment mainly include vibrating screen, desander, desilter, deaerator, centrifuge, mixer and sand pump, mixer, aiming at environmental sensitive area, also can configure drilling cuttings recycling and waste liquid processing equipment.

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Contact person: Jinbo Zheng

KOSUN vertical cutting dryer is suitable for the oil-base mud drilling waste management.

The vertical cutting dryer is designed based on the principle of centrifugal force, with unique three-foot suspension structure, which can avoid the unbalance of load, stable operation, good balance, low noise and high dehydration rate.Adopt flexible start, brake technology, long service life.

KOSUN vertical cutting dryer is suitable for the oil-base mud drilling waste management, through the principle of centrifugal separation, can effective recovery of the liquid phase composition in cuttings, makes the solid phase transition very dry, the drilling cuttings of oil-base mud recycling, reduce the cost of the drilling operation, also reduces the pollution to the environment, in line with international emissions standards and environmental requirements.It can be used for cuttings treatment in land and sea drilling.

Features and advantages of the vertical cutting dryer:

1. Effective solid-liquid separation, effective recovery of oil-based mud in drilling cuttings, significantly reducing solid phase emissions, and the solid phase oil content rate after treatment can reach less than 5%;

2. Effectively recover the oil based mud, and reuse the mud in the oil based mud circulation system, which can recover the mud lost due to the shale shaker running mud, moving derrick and screen blocking;

3. Common worn parts can be replaced from the top of the device;The belt can be replaced without moving any device.

4. Tungsten carbide anticorrosive and wear-resistant material is sprayed on the scraper of the internal turning body, which can prolong its service life and reduce maintenance cost;

5. Suitable for several years after drilling recovery treatment;

6. Realize the requirement of no mud landing on site, and reduce the cost of drilling oil based mud and waste disposal.

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Contact person: Jinbo Zheng

The MG series mud gun is designed, produced and manufactured by KOSUN company.

The MG series mud gun is designed, produced and manufactured by KOSUN company for the fixed control mud tank of different drilling rigs, which is mainly used as a special tool for controlling the precipitation in drilling mud solid control system. The equipment is divided into three types: low pressure, heavy pressure and high pressure. KOSUN’s MG series mud gun can be used in the mud tank for high-pressure injection mixing, to prevent the corner of the mud tank and the suction of the pump solid phase precipitation, also can be used to transport mud between the bin.

Advantages and features of the mud gun:

1. Structured and reasonable, capable of supporting the use of pumps with different pressures;

2. The equipment has good sealing performance and can be sprayed with a replaceable wear-resistant nozzle, which can clean a large area of the mud tank;

3. Choose well-known brands for the accessories, which greatly improves the service performance and life of the equipment;

4. The whole equipment has gone through acid pickling, assisted plating, hot dip zinc, passivation and fine grinding to improve the anti-corrosion performance of the equipment;

5. The MG series mud gun can rotate 360° in all directions;

6. Reasonable structure, flexible operation and easy to use;

7. Used with high-power shear pump or sand pump, mainly to prevent mud precipitation in drilling mud tank.

KOSUN belongs to high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Through years of continuous product development and improvement, it has grown into an intensive environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprise. The company is committed to resource conservation and environmental protection, based on the manufacture of special separation machinery equipment for environmental protection, to provide solid waste treatment related products and services, in construction machinery, industrial sludge treatment, river and lake sludge treatment and disposal, soil remediation, tailings comprehensive utilization and other six application fields.

KOSUN desander is a device for separating impurities from the flow of gas.

Xi ‘an KOSUN is a research, development, production and sales company of desander, drilling fluid desander, desander cleaner, hydrocyclone desander, which is applied to the mud purification treatment of oil drilling solid control, trenchless, pipe jack construction and other fields.

A desander is a device for separating impurities from the flow of gas, water or waste water. The setting of desander can also protect mechanical equipment from wear and tear, reduce the deposition of heavy objects in pipelines and grooves, and reduce the number of cleaning times required due to the large accumulation of miscellaneous particles in the digester. It is mainly used for water quality treatment and control of raw water and supplementary water, such as: oil field drilling, trenchless horizontal directional crossing, mud purification and swirling separation of coal-bed methane drilling, sand removal of river water and well water, coal washing water, industrial mineral processing, solid-liquid separation, liquid degassing and separation of non-miscible liquid, etc. In natural gas production, desanders are also installed in wellheads to prevent formation sand from blocking pipelines or equipment.

Features and advantages of the desander:

1. KOSUN desander cleaner is a two-machine solid control device for drilling mud processing, which can separate solid particles between 45 and 74 microns;

2. The desander is made of polyurethane or high chromium cast iron with long service life;

3. Clip-on type, easy to maintain;

4. Compact design, small space;

5. According to different treatment capacity, 1, 2 or 3 10″ or 12″ cyclone can be flexibly selected;

6. Fast and flexible connection during user assembly.

Maintenance of centrifugal pump

There are so many methods for you to make sure a longer service life of centrifugal pump:

1. Before and during operation, the insulation resistance of the motors must be checked regularly, and the grounding condition should be checked to see if the cable skin is broken;

2. Check whether the centrifugal pump line and the joint are loose. Turn the centrifugal pump by hand, check whether the centrifugal pump is flexible;

3. Add bearing lubricating oil into the bearing body. Observe the oil level at the center line of the oil mark;

4. Try to control the flow rate and head of the centrifugal pump within the scope indicated on the label, so as to ensure the operation of the centrifugal pump at the highest efficiency point, in order to obtain the maximum energy saving effect;

5. During the operation of the centrifugal pump, the bearing temperature shall not exceed the ambient temperature of 35℃, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80℃;

6. If abnormal sound is found in the centrifugal pump, stop immediately to check the reason;

7. When the centrifugal pump is to stop using, first close the gate valve and pressure gauge, and then stop the motor;

8. The lubricating oil of the centrifugal pump shall be changed for 100 hours within the first month of operation. After that, the oil shall be changed every 500 hours;

9. Often adjust the packing gland to ensure normal drip leakage in the packing room (it is advisable to make drip leakage);

10. Check the wear condition of the shaft sleeve regularly, and replace it in time after big wear. Horizontal centrifugal pump to check the pump coupling regularly, the unit overhaul is generally one year;

11. When the centrifugal pump is in use in the cold winter, after stopping the pump, unscrew the waterproof screw at the bottom of the pump body to clean the medium. Prevent frostbite;

12. When the centrifugal pump is out of use for a long time, all the pumps should be disassembled and wiped dry. The rotating parts and joints should be coated with grease for proper protection;

13. The spare pump should be replaced regularly to reduce the chance of dampness of motor stator windings.

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Contact person: Jinbo Zheng

The SP shear pump produced by KOSUN can quickly prepare high-performance slurry.

The SP shear pump produced by KOSUN can quickly prepare high-performance slurry, greatly shorten the preparation time of slurry, and improve the economic benefits of drilling.

Shear pump is a machine specially designed for shearing polymers and clays and has been used in the field and proved effective in theory. In the drilling fluid system, polymer (or clay) should be sufficiently in advance after shearing, again into the drilling fluid system, in order to give full play to its functions, improving drilling fluid performance, if there is no sufficient shear, polymer in the first cycle could jam vibrating screen mesh, lose a massive amount of polymer, to increase the drilling cost, and may also make the large size of solid phased particles in drilling fluid hard and difficult to get rid of; In drilling fluids, the polymer produces many “fish-eyes” due to insufficient shear. These “fish eyes” can harm the formation, reducing permeability and reducing oil and gas production.

The shear pump provides a high degree of shear for rapid hydration of polymers (or clays) and resolves prominent problems with poorly hydrated polymers (or clays) in drilling fluids. At the same time, the use of shear pump can make the polymer injection amount reduced by more than 15%, the dosage of bentonite reduced by more than 30%, and improve the mud cake and fluid flow loss, reduce drilling fluid shear rate, improve the gel strength, has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, the shaft seal structure is more reliable, excellent performance, the use of maintenance more convenient.