Specifications for electric motors in mud agitator

The motors in the mud agitator all use explosion-proof T-frame, 3-phase 230~460V, 1150 rpm, frequency 60 Hz; or 3-phase 190~380V, 958 rpm, frequency 50 Hz. Flexible coupling for motor The joint is directly connected with the reducer. A strong steel passport is mounted above the connecting shaft.

The solid mild steel shaft is connected to the reducer with a rigid coupling. In order to adjust the height of the impeller, a keyway is opened in the lower part of the shaft. The diameter of the shaft ranges from 38.1 mm to 88.9 mm, depending on the model, and the actual length of the shaft is determined by the user.

How to calculate the size and number of mud agitators

In the equipment currently in use, it is very likely that 75% of the mud agitators are installed improperly. The reason for this situation is either not understanding the correct size determination method, or not understanding the importance of selecting the size reasonably. The reasonable stirring amount calculated by each agitator is related to the given power and impeller diameter. The relationship between the mixing range that the impeller can reach and the specific gravity of the mud and the required power can be determined by calculation.

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Oil-based Mud Zero Discharge system treatment process

KOSUN Oil-based Mud Zero Discharge system processing process: the drilling fluid mud to be processed is transported to the cuttings dryer, the processed drilling fluid mud is transported to the drilling fluid centrifuge for further processing, and the mud after the drilling fluid centrifuge is processed, the liquid is reinjected into the mud circulation system, and the treated solid waste is transported to the cuttings box. The equipment of KOSUN Oil-based Mud Zero Discharge system mainly includes: drill cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw pump, screw conveyor, cuttings box, etc.

Oil-based Mud Zero Discharge system

KOSUN is a professional manufacturer of drilling waste mud Zero Discharge treatment systems. Customers are welcome to inquire about drilling waste and mud Zero Discharge treatment systems. KOSUN will provide customers with satisfactory waste treatment system technolog, Programs and services.

KOSUN Drilling Waste Treatment System is also known as the Zero Discharge mud system and the non-floating mud processing system while drilling. It is divided into: Water-based Mud Zero Discharge treatment system and Oil-based Mud Zero Discharge system according to its purpose.

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Factors Affecting the Use Effect of Decanter Centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge is mainly composed of a rotating drum, a spiral, a differential system, a liquid level baffle, a driving system and a control system. It is a special equipment for solid-liquid separation designed for the characteristics of petroleum drilling fluids. It can complete various processes such as feeding, centrifugal sedimentation, and unloading at full speed. It is mainly used to recover barite, remove fine solids, and reduce drilling fluids. The solid content of the drilling fluid controls the density and viscosity of the drilling fluid, ensures the performance of the drilling fluid, and plays an important role in rapid drilling.

Factors Affecting the Use Effect of Decanter Centrifuge

The use effect of the decanter centrifuge is divided into adjustable factors and non-adjustable factors. Now we will explain them separately. If we understand the principle of action, we can effectively control it in use. The unadjustable mechanical factors include: drum diameter and effective length. Drum half cone angle. Pitch. Screw type. Adjustable mechanical factors are: drum speed, differential speed (difference ratio), liquid ring layer thickness, process factor.

There are many factors that affect the dewatering effect of the decanter centrifuge, and each factor affects each other. Therefore, the treatment effect is the result of the combined effects of the above-mentioned factors. The selection of the centrifuge should be carried out in accordance with the actual situation of the project, and the operating parameters should be adjusted. It should be considered comprehensively from the expected mud cake moisture content, solid content and economic efficiency required by the disposal method of the dehydrated mud cake.

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Drilling fluid purification system – mud agitator

The mud agitator is a continuous and reliable solid control system for drilling fluid to maintain uniformity and suspension of solid particles. It is mainly used for stirring and mixing of drilling fluid to prevent solid particles of drilling fluid from deposition in the tank circulation system, so that the circulating drilling fluid has stable performance and even mixing. Mud agitator is one of the indispensable equipment in drilling fluid purification system.

mud agitator
mud agitator

KOSUN MA series mud agitator belongs to the equipment of solid control system of drilling fluid tank. It is mainly composed of explosion-proof motor, reducer, frame and wave wheel assembly. The motor is connected with the reducer, and the reducer is connected with the wave wheel shaft through a rigid coupling. The wave wheel is welded by four blades.

KOSUN mud agitator product structure optimization, small floor space, compact structure, smooth operation, low noise, long service life, less vulnerable parts, high cost performance characteristics. High pressure airless spraying equipment is used for construction. After primer, medium paint, finish paint and other procedures to achieve a beautiful appearance and anti-corrosion effect. The agitator shaft and agitator impeller are processed by grinding pickling, helping plating, hot dipping zinc, passivation and fine grinding, which greatly improves the service life and anti-corrosion effect.

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There are three types of mud shale shaker motion.

In the process of oil drilling drilling fluid from internal carotid out through shale shaker, then in other solids control equipment, in the solid phase removal equipment of shale shaker is itself a filterability spate separation equipment, in the mud of a complete set of cleaning system, it has the first, the characteristics of fast drilling fluid solid phase separation, at the same time is also a kind of economic, efficient spate separation equipment.

There are three types of mud shaker motion: circular, elliptical and linear motion, the oscillator in the center of gravity, will produce circular motion; When the oscillator is above the center of gravity of the system, elliptic motion is generated. However, for elliptic motion, the screen surface must have a slope in order to utilize the conveying cuttings, but the screen capacity will be reduced. The linear motion is to put the oscillator in front of the center of gravity of the system, making the screen frame produce linear motion, thus clearing the solid phase. The vibrating screen moves in a straight line with its fixed cuttings transfer speed. The screen surface can be flat or slightly tilted.

The ES series elliptic vibrating screen of KOSUN adopts the long tube vibrating motor as the power source, the performance is superior, the structure is reasonable, the operation is stable, the life is long, the maintenance cost is low. Under the same conditions, compared with other types of shaker, drilling mud processing capacity and sand transport and discharge capacity can be greatly improved, and can effectively overcome the “screening”, “screening paste” phenomenon.

KOSUN LS series linear vibrating screen using the vibration motor excitation to cheer for the vibration source, make the material being thrown up on screen, at the same time, forward a straight line with low consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully closed structure, no dust overflow, and the advantages of automatic discharge, more suitable for assembly line, at the same time family newsletter QZS linear vibrating screen can also be adjusted through the AWD regulating series of solid separation effect.Linear vibrating screen has obvious advantages in the treatment of large displacement drilling fluid. In this condition, the strong excitation force output by the linear vibrating screen can quickly remove a large number of solid phases through efficient linear vibration trajectory, which can effectively remove large particles in the drilling fluid.

In the process of oil exploration and development, a large amount of waste drilling fluid will be left at the drilling site.

In the process of oil exploration and development, a large amount of waste drilling fluid will be left at the drilling site. The solid-liquid separation technology of drilling fluid is faced with many difficulties that are difficult to solve objectively.Both domestic and foreign drilling fluid solid-liquid separation technology problems, are to go through a long period of practical application, in the process of practical use to obtain some applicable solid-liquid separation technology experience.

Drilling fluid solid-liquid separation technology includes: direct landfill method, land tillage method, injection formation method, solidification method, incineration method, cement slurry conversion method, solid-liquid separation method.Among these drilling fluid solid-liquid separation technologies, mechanical solid-liquid separation is the most promising one.This technique not only reduces the environmental pollution of liquid phase, but also reduces the environmental diffusion rate of pollutants in the residue and the degree of secondary pollution.

Xi ‘an KOSUN drilling fluid solid-liquid separation treatment system can recover and treat drilling fluid waste, reduce treatment costs, recover useful mud or water, realize resource reuse, avoid waste pollution to the environment, and meet the local government regulations on waste environmental requirements.


1. High integration of the system and equipment to meet the needs of centralized processing while drilling or after drilling;

2. Strong mobility, compact assembly, easy transportation, easy operation, high processing efficiency;

3. The daily treatment capacity can reach 300m, the treated solid moisture content is between 15% and 17%, and the solid oil content is less than 5%. The effective separation can recover a large amount of drilling fluid, which can be reused in the mud circulation system;

4. Integrated programmable logic controller, with automatic alarm indicator, can monitor temperature, torque, oil quantity and running time, easy to operate, safe and reliable;

5. Mild treatment conditions, low treatment cost, wide application, economic and practical;

6. Highly adaptable, able to handle drilling waste under different mud systems.

KOSUN manufactures all solid control equipment for drilling and construction mud treatment.

At present, the international definition of solid control equipment and solid control system for oil drilling is as follows: the equipment and system used for the recovery of drilling fluid (mud) carried to the surface through the wellhead for purification and separation.Solid control system can be carried through pipes from wellhead to the drilling fluid (mud) on the ground in relatively larger cuttings volume, barite and other large efficient separation of solid particles, and get out of the drilling fluid solid particles, the processing of the drilling fluid (mud) can be reused in the process of drilling.This can reduce the cost of drilling, and for environmental protection has a great role.

KOSUN has now been sold all over the world many sets of oil and gas drilling solids control equipment, in the field of this kind, we each made a corresponding adjustment of solids control equipment, purification treatment effect is good, and can according to customer demand, to adjust the whole system, meet the use of different clients.

KOSUN manufactures all solid control equipment for drilling and construction mud treatment, including shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge. In addition, KOSUN also manufactures drilling and construction waste mud treatment equipment, such as vertical cuttings dryer, high G dry screen and waste slurry treatment centrifuges. The centrifuge can be used to separate high specific gravity solids and low specific gravity solids.

For different drilling mud treatment and construction:

1. The oil and gas drilling fluid treatment

2. Coal bed methane drilling mud

3. The mud mud/trenchless horizontal directional drilling engineering

4. Tunneling mud treatment

5. Building pile mud treatment

6. The well drilling mud

7. The mining industry and diamond drilling mud

8. Geothermal drilling mud

KOSUN’s screw conveyor is used in drilling waste disposal projects.

KOSUN has the qualifications of many export certification agencies around the world, such as the United States, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia and other major countries and regions. The main products include: centrifuge series, conveying pumps, conveyor series, other conveying equipment series four categories. The screw feeder of KOSUN is used for drilling fluid waste treatment and cuttings transportation.

KOSUN’s screw conveyor is used in drilling waste disposal projects to provide an efficient, low-cost cuttings delivery system for offshore and onshore drilling units. The screw conveyor adopts a combined structure of more than 12 feet per section, which can be flexibly assembled and used in different drilling sites. It is simple to operate, stable in structure and adaptable in working space, thus greatly improving the working efficiency of the equipment and saving costs and resources. The spiral blade of the screw conveyor is made of wear-resistant material to ensure its service life.

1. Simple structure, small section size and volume, easy to arrange;

2. Easy to load or unload at different locations, that is, multiple feeding or unloading ports can be set;

3. Safe and convenient operation;

4. Good sealing, keep the environment clean;

5. The crushing rate is high when conveying fragile materials;

6. The friction force of materials should be overcome when conveying materials, so the spiral blade and spiral shell will be worn.

Mud curing treatment system is used to treat cuttings or drilling waste.

Mud curing treatment system is used to treat cuttings or drilling waste. Develop equipment to handle cuttings from oil field drilling, trenchless construction, municipal engineering and other fields. During the operation of the mud curing system, mechanical friction and wear will occur during the operation of waste and equipment. The maintenance and maintenance of the mud curing equipment should be aware of the following:

1. The vibration motor and the screw conveyor, the driving motor of stirring curing treatment equipment and other equipment shall be regularly added with lubricating oil, which can effectively protect the curing device: reduce mechanical friction, prevent mechanical wear, seal dust and metal corrosion. Prevent unnecessary friction and wear of curing equipment. Functions of grease: lubrication, protection and sealing. Reduce mechanical friction, prevent mechanical wear, seal dust and metal corrosion.

2. Regularly check the oil consumption of the mixer and screw conveyor and whether the seals are worn.

3. The abnormal operation of electrical components should be timely cut off the power supply, check the fault, repair the line, so as to avoid causing safety accidents.

4. The curing treatment device must continuously monitor vulnerable parts of electrical equipment, conveying equipment and mixed equipment during operation. If the damaged parts are found damaged, they should be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

5. Cleaning requirements: the machine must be cleaned before the machine is shut down after each operation, and the machine can be shut down only after observing whether the curing device is cleaned.

Precautions for mud agitator

Precautions for mud agitator:

1. Check whether the selection of mud agitator is correct and whether the actual conditions are consistent with the specified conditions;

2. The cable protection of the mud agitator in the mud tank includes two kinds of hard steel pipe and metal hose to ensure the sealing of the pipe connection;

3. Use 0-500v megohm meter to check that the ground insulation resistance of the main cable of the motor should not be less than 5 megohm. Disable megohm meter to check the control cable to avoid damaging the electrical components inside the submersible mixer.

4. If the power supply is far away from the use of the mud agitator, line damage should be considered. The cross-sectional area of the cable should be increased.

5. Power cables, grounding cables and control cables on the mud mixer shall be connected with the wiring terminals of the control cabinet (box) one by one;

6. The earth wire of the mud mixer is a two-color wire (yellow/green), which is 50mm longer than other wires for safety;

7. Mud agitator control cables: 4 cables, 3 thin and 1 thick. Measure on and off with a multimeter.

8. Before the final installation of the mud mixer, it should face the impeller direction, and the impeller should rotate anticlockwise. If the rotation direction is incorrect, the position of any two lines in the three-phase line on the control cabinet or terminal box can be changed to change the rotation direction. If several mud agitators are connected to a control cabinet or terminal box, each mud agitator must be inspected separately.

9. After closing, don’t start the blender immediately, should through the control system to the introspection of mud mixer, such as found that failure occurs (electric control ark appear flashing alarm or alarm alarm), should check and troubleshooting, before you start, if the motor does not turn, should quickly decisively switch, should check and troubleshooting, so as to avoid damage to the motor;

10. After starting the mud agitator, pay attention to the observation of the motor, line voltmeter and ammeter. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, stop the machine immediately to find out the cause, and remove the fault before starting the switch again;

11. Several mud agitators cannot be started at the same time, and shall be started and stopped one by one;

12. Mud mixer shall not run empty tank for a long time.