Technical features of KOSUN drilling waste management.

Drilling waste management, mainly with the constant improvement of the environmental protection requirement, puts forward higher requirements on drilling field cutting processing, the emergence of drilling waste purification system, not only can very good to solve the environmental problems, at the same time to the waste of the solid control system to produce secondary recycling, can maximize the retention of mud is useful at the same time, to focus again after processing of drilling cuttings curing processing, reduce the field work for the destruction of the environment. Its main equipment includes: vibrating screen, cuttings dryer, drilling fluid centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump and other equipment.

Technical features of KOSUN drilling waste management:

1. Adopt advanced slurry-drying technology, which can effectively recover useful liquid phase in drilling cuttings and achieve high efficiency curing treatment;

2. Low moisture content of useless solid phase after treatment, convenient for transportation;

3. Drilling cuttings drying for oil-based and composite base mud is very effective;

4. Further dewatering and screening the solid particles separated from the first-grade mud treatment to improve the overall treatment effect;

5. Adopt a unique grouting process when dealing with the solid phase of high-flow mud to improve the treatment efficiency;

6. Modular design, convenient and fast moving and transportation;

7. Concealed cable design, well site specification;

8. Simple and practical processing process, small variety of processing equipment, large processing capacity;

9. The whole set of equipment is simple to operate, with less labor and low cost of use and maintenance.

Vertical cuttings dryer is a continuous operation of the dryer.

Vertical cuttings dryer is a continuous operation of the dryer. It has the characteristics of large processing capacity, low energy consumption, stable performance and good separation effect. It can continuously feed, dehydrate and unload the feed liquid at full speed. It is a kind of separation equipment with novel structure, advanced technology, high efficiency and low consumption. The machine is widely used in petroleum, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical and other industries.

With the continuous improvement of the country’s environmental protection requirements, major oil fields are confronted with the problem of drilling waste disposal.

KOSUN’s VC-1000 series vertical cuttings dryer can be used for various types of drilling mud, mainly for oil-base and composite mud cuttings drying. Similar to other solid control equipment, such as vibrating screen, centrifuge, cyclone separator. The treatment ability of VC-1000 series vertical cuttings dryer also has a great relationship with mud viscosity. Mud viscosity is determined by many factors, including solids content, particle size, drilling fluid type and drilling fluid temperature.

Features and advantages of KOSUN’s VC-1000 series vertical cuttings dryer:

1. Efficient solid-liquid separation can minimize the mud content in drilling cuttings and reduce the amount of waste disposal;

2. Effective separation and a larger proportion of the recovery mud, and reuse in the mud circulation system, can recover the mud due to the vibration screen slurry, mobile derrick and screen blockage;

3. Common wear parts can be replaced from the top of the device, and the belt can be replaced without moving any device;

4. The scraper of inner rotating body is sprayed with tungsten carbide anti-corrosion and wear-resistant material, which can prolong its service life and reduce the maintenance cost.

Xi ‘an KOSUN’s main products of mud circulation system

Mud circulation system mainly includes by drilling fluid shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, sand mud removal machine, liquid gas separator, mixer, sand pump, shear pump, centrifuge, electronic ignition device, slurry mixing funnel, jet device, such as mud tank oil drilling mud solids control equipment and complete sets of circulatory system.

Xi ‘an KOSUN’s main products: drilling fluid shale shaker, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, sand remover, mud remover, drilling fluid centrifuge, driller and other drilling mud solid control equipment, complete mud purification, recovery system and drilling mud treatment system.

Mud circulation system is suitable for mud circulation operation in oil well and water well drilling. Mud circulation system is also widely used in petroleum and gas exploration industry, trenchless engineering, geotechnical engineering, mining, metallurgy, coal, hydropower and other industries.

Functions and features of KOSUN mud circulation system:

1. The shell of the box is pressed and formed by steel plate, with beautiful appearance and high strength;

2. Modular and fast combination design, suitable for different types and specifications of drilling rig configuration requirements;

3. Complete mud treatment equipment combination, adapt to the mud treatment requirements of modern complex drilling technology;

4. Mud circulation system can be designed and configured according to user’s requirements.

Shear pump is one of the necessary pumps for drilling fluid treatment.

Shear pump is one of the necessary pumps for drilling fluid treatment. Used in solid – liquid separation system to improve drilling fluid performance.

1. The overall structure is compact and elegant;

2. Special impeller and shear plate are adopted, with shear efficiency greater than 95%;

3. The impeller and shear pump are made of stainless steel, and the flow parts are made of high wear resistant cast iron;

4. The use of mechanical seal mainly, pan root seal as a supplement of the combination of compound seal, mechanical seal using hard alloy, its service life is 6 times the ordinary mechanical seal.

The SP series shear pumps produced by xi ‘an KOSUN are specially used to shear the polymers of drilling fluid. The polymers in the drilling fluid system should be fully cut in advance and then enter the drilling fluid system to improve the performance of the drilling fluid.

SP series shear pump is a new type of equipment designed by KOSUN to provide customers with fast preparation and treatment of mud, which can meet the requirements of users to prepare high-performance mud. SP series shear pumps can mix effectively. It is an ideal drilling fluid solid control equipment, which can fully hydrate drilling fluid, save mud material, shorten mud preparation time, and provide good mud performance for drilling process.

The shield mud and water separation system has a good effect on the mud produced in shield construction.

The shield mud and water separation system has a good effect on the mud produced in shield construction. KD series shield mud and water separation system is a modular system. This shield mud and water separation system is designed to deal with various kinds of mud used in common shield construction technology.

Characteristics of shield mud and water separation system produced by xi ‘an KOSUN:

1. The whole series of vibrating screen, desander, desilter and centrifuge are all manufactured by xi ‘an KOSUN company;

2. Customized system and standardized unit equipment can not only meet the needs of customers, but also be stable and reliable;

3. High vibration force vibration screen, and high-speed frequency conversion large drum centrifuge to provide efficient muddy water separation capacity;

4. Double-layer vibrating screen, which can effectively meet the processing capacity and save floor space;

5. Modular design can meet the rapid movement of the shield mud and water separation system.

Advantages of shield mud and water separation system produced by xi ‘an KOSUN:

1. Full purification of mud, which is conducive to controlling the performance index of mud, reducing stuck accidents and improving drilling quality;

2. Effective separation of soil residue is conducive to improving the efficiency of hole making;

3. The reuse of mud is conducive to saving pulp materials and reducing construction cost;

4. Closed circulation mode of mud and lower slag water content are conducive to reducing environmental pollution;

5. The shield mud and water separation system produced by xi ‘an KOSUN can meet the export standards of all countries in the world.

Recently, 2 sets of ZJ15 fixed control system produced by KOSUN were successfully sent to the Ukrainian project site.

Recently, 2 sets of ZJ15 fixed control system produced by KOSUN were successfully sent to the Ukrainian project site. Previously, KOSUN invited customers from the Ukrainian market to visit the factory to inspect the production process and work progress, and the customers gave a high evaluation of KOSUN’s professional products.

KOSUN production of ZJ15 drilling solids control system is a set of mechanical and electrical control of sludge treatment system, drilling mud can be hierarchical processing, at the same time, the drilling mud can be mixed, degassing, aggravating, mixing, can also be used to supply of wellhead mud, the Ukrainian market customer order system by mud mud tank, mixing tank, rotation of the crane and solids control equipment. The whole system includes vibration screen, vacuum deaerator two-stage solid control equipment, mud mix weight system, mud supply system, electrical control system, lighting system, etc. The surface coating of the system is durable, which can ensure that the system can be used in the wear and corrosion environment.

This ZJ15 drilling solids control system has several special designs of important processes, which can be used to grade drilling mud. The mud can also be weighted, mixed and stirred. Drug canisters and pipelines can provide slurry batching for the system; Mud system can be mixed and matched for system mud; Supply silo and supply line can supply mud supply for wellhead mud defect; Mud gun pipeline and mixing system can fully stir and mix in the mud tank; The clean water collection can provide water channel for slurry distribution and flushing tank surface.

ZJ15 drilling solids control system adopts multi-functional design, so that the system can meet the requirements of different mud systems, and each system and process can work independently or simultaneously.

The Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker developed produced by KOSUN has obvious advantages.

The Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker developed produced by KOSUN has obvious advantages in dealing with high-viscosity drilling fluid. In this case, the large particles in drilling fluid can be effectively removed through the balanced elliptical motion shaker track, and the relatively mild vibration intensity can effectively reduce the consumption of the shaker.

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker is the fourth generation of new mud shaker. In the past mud shale shaker mainly used linear shaker, but now more and more drilling companies choose balanced elliptical motion shaker.

With the development of drilling technology, drilling depth is getting deeper and deeper, and the requirement of mud is becoming more and more strict. Some complex geological conditions under the ordinary mud vibration screen cannot meet the requirements of use. And the performance of ordinary drilling vibration screen is not very stable, the effect of drilling vibration screen treatment will be different according to the drilling address and cannot adapt, often there will be some running slurry or “horseshoe effect”. The appearance of balanced elliptical motion shaker has solved these problems.

Advantages of Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker:

1. The handling capacity increases by 25%-30% compared with the linear vibrating screen;

2. Can adapt to a variety of geological conditions drilling mud recovery and purification;

3. Excitation force can be adjusted;

4. Linear vibration type has the advantages of translational elliptical vibration screen;

5. Balanced elliptic trajectory can effectively reduce the blocking phenomenon of sieve holes and ensure the sieve penetration rate;

6. Help to improve the cuttings transportation speed in viscous drilling fluid and prevent paste screen;

7. Can handle high specific gravity and high viscosity drilling fluid;

8. Longer screen life;

9. Drier cuttings;

10. Quick tensioning system, easy to replace screen.

Dry sieve is used to recycle liquid drilling fluid shale shaker in the well site.

Dry sieve is used to recycle liquid drilling fluid shale shaker in the well site, dry vibrating screen or dry sieve is a kind of linear vibrating screen, in the process of drilling waste management is mainly used for recycling the main vibrating screen and hydrocyclone discharge of drilling cuttings adsorption in liquid phase, the recycling of liquid phase method is especially suitable for oil-based mud, can effectively reduce the waste mud.

Compared with the mainstream drilling fluid vibrating screen, the dry sieve mesh used in the drilling fluid drying screen will be larger. As the cuttings treated by the drying screen are relatively dry, high-frequency vibration motor is generally used as the power source for drying. This allows the recovery of drilling fluid through the screen slowly, coupled with strong vibration force, can maximize the recovery of drilling cuttings in the liquid phase.

Functions of dry sieve treatment system:

1. Reduce the liquid content in cuttings and recover valuable drilling fluid, thus reducing the cost of drilling fluid;

2. Reduce the total discharge of mud cuttings, thus reducing the waste slurry to be treated, so as to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Application fields of dry sieve treatment system:

1. Dry cuttings for drilling mud of various types, such as oil-base mud, water-base mud and composite base mud;

2. River dredging;

3. Environmental protection solid-liquid separation

4. Piling work;

5. Shield engineering.

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Contact person: Jinbo Zheng

Construction piling slurry separation equipment -DC series environmental protection horizontal screw settling centrifuge.

Construction piling slurry separation equipmentDC series environmental protection horizontal screw settling centrifuge.

Its working principle is to be processed after the sludge into the centrifuge, through the solid – liquid ratio, and rely on centrifugal field to expand the thousands of times, the sludge was settling in under the action of centrifugal force, be clarified sewage by clarifying liquid discharge pipe, dewatered sludge continuously from the host slag discharge mouth, again by shaftless screw conveyor directly transferred to the designated place or loading outbound, finally realizes the function of the separation of mud.

Based on the design principle of resource consumption minimization and manufacturing principle, various specially designed centrifuges have been widely used in environmental protection and industrial production fields.

KOSUN provide quality products and services to various industry users, not only high quality products, more importantly, KOSUN with rich experience dedicated to provide customers with a full range of customized solutions, from the design, selection and installation of horizontal screw centrifuge, to the special field of the whole set of equipment construction projects.

Maintenance of main bearing of construction piling separation equipment:

1. Lubricate the main bearing before starting the centrifuge or during the operation of 8 hours;

2. Lubricate once a day. The amount of grease used is strictly forbidden to exceed the standard;

3. If the centrifuge is out of service for a certain period of time every week, the main bearing should be lubricated before starting next time.

4. If the centrifuge is out of service for more than two weeks, the main bearing must be lubricated every two weeks.

Structure features of KOSUN vacuum degasser

During drilling operations, the gas carried by drilling fluid from the well can affect mud performance and safety, and also affect the service life of some equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to install a vacuum degasser to remove the gas concentration in the mud.

Structure features of KOSUN vacuum degasser:

1. Use vacuum pump to pump mud into the vacuum tank, and use it to make gas out of the vacuum tank, vacuum pump plays two different roles here;

2. Water ring vacuum pump is always in isothermal state in the working process, suitable for the suction of inflammable and explosive gases, with reliable safety performance;

3. The mud shoots to the four walls at high speed through the window of the rotor. The bubbles in the mud are completely broken and the degassing effect is good;

4. Main motor bias, lower machine center;

5. Adopt belt transmission to avoid complication of deceleration mechanism;

6. The use of liquid-gas separator will not cause water and gas to be discharged at the same time, so that the exhaust pipe is always unblocked.In addition, it can supply water to vacuum pump circularly, saving water.

7. The suction pipe is inserted into the slurry tank, and can be used as a high-power agitator when the slurry has no gas invasion.

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Contact person: Jinbo Zheng

Contact person: Jinbo Zheng