Drilling waste treatment system realizes mud zero-discharge treatment

How to make the use of mud safe, environmentally friendly and save money has always been a major course in drilling production.

Problems encountered at the drilling site: Mud is called “drilling blood”. Oil-based mud mixed with oil, water, organic clay and chemicals can effectively reduce frictional resistance, reduce accident rates, and improve well quality , It is widely used in the construction of horizontal wells and deep vertical wells. In recent years, the use of oil-based mud by drilling crews has increased, and the consequent increase in costs and safety and environmental protection issues have become increasingly prominent. In addition, due to the lack of oil-based mud and cuttings processing equipment, drilling engineering companies are very passive in bidding for foreign projects. Therefore, the drilling waste treatment system just solves this problem.

drilling waste treatment system
drilling waste treatment system

After the discarded drilling mud and cuttings are returned from the wellhead, they directly enter the device, and are conveyed to the cuttings dryer through the sealed long pipe-screw conveyor, and are rotated by the dryer and filtered by the screen. Most of the dried cuttings are discharged from the first sand outlet along another screw conveyor, and the remaining liquid mud is pumped into the centrifuge to be subdivided, and the fine cuttings are finally separated Discharge from the second sand outlet. At the same time, the treated mud is re-injected into the mud tank through the pipeline and recycled again.

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