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KOSUN has been a shale shaker screen manufacturer for more than 30 years. We not only manufacture shale shaker screens but also produce shale shaker screen parts: shale shaker screen meshes. Our shale shaker screens are available in Linear Motion Shale Shaker and Balanced Elliptical Motion Shale Shaker. As first-level solid control equipment in oil drilling, shale shaker screens are used to separate coarse rock debris and are applied in oilfield drilling fluids, solid phase control, and mud cleaning.

As a shale shaker screen manufacturer, we have a deep understanding of how to improve screen mesh performance and efficiency. Our shale shake screen sizes comply with API RP13C standards. All our products are designed and developed using premium quality raw materials and the latest technology to ensure that final output meets with industry guidelines.

We can manufacture screen meshes matching KOSUN shale shaker screens, desilters, and desanders. We offer sand-mode polyurethane screens, rubber screens, vibrating screens, and PU screens. We can also customize screen meshes for various models of shale shaker screens.

At KOSUN, our engineers and design professionals can assist in providing shale shaker screens with a range of screen opening sizes for solid control, fluid systems, and size control. The arrangement of layers in stainless steel wire mesh cloth ensures optimal filtration effectiveness for pre-tensioned vibrating screens. Customers can choose from various frames and bar patterns. We serve customers by understanding their goals and sharing their vision.

We will provide the best solutions for shale shaker desilters, and desanders equipment. For more information, please contact us immediately.

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Separation Size and Type of KOSUN Shale Shaker

The separation size of shale shaker depends on shaker screen size. We call it API size or mesh size. The API defers from API 20 to API 325 per API RP13 standard.Through changing different API size shaker screen, the shale shaker can separate solids size min. above 40μm (at API 325 shaker screen).

shake shaker screen sizes
shake shaker screen sizes

If you do not need to separate so fine solids, you can choose more fine shaker screen, like 800μm.The common screen API size for shale shaker is API60, API80, API100, API140, API160. Customer can choose the suitable size per drilling mud condition.

Shale shaker is the first stage separation equipment for oilfield drilling mud cleaning system. It utilizes vibrating motor to generate vibrating strength. The vibrating strength drives the drilling mud to go through the shale shaker. When the drilling mud goes through the shaker screen, clean mud will filter into mud tank. Not allowable bigger solids will pass the screen surface and be discharged.

shale shaker
shale shaker

Types of KOSUN Shale Shaker:

Linear motion shale shaker. It is the most common shaker model for oil and gas drilling solids control system.

KOSUN Linear motion shale shaker are ideal for high-capacity processing and the compact and easy-to-service design makes them a perfect choice for fast conveyance and heavy loading in tough drilling conditions.When drilling top-hole sections or while heavy-volume solids are encountered, in these intervals, shakers are required to generate high G-forces to effectively move high-capacity drilled solids across the screens.

Balanced elliptical motion shale shaker. It is not recommended for oil and gas drilling since the flow capacity is big. If the mud flow is not equal, the motion of shaker will be changed. And performance will not be good. Mostly, professional users prefer linear motion for wide application.

KOSUN Balanced elliptical motion shale shaker are the best choice for max retention time and frequency for highly need of dryer drilled cuttings in light-loading drilling conditions.The unique balanced elliptical basket and  easy-to-service design makes them a wonderful choice for reducing solids control operation cost.When faced with gentle light-loading drilling fluids, the ES shale shakers are required to reduce G-forces and maintain longer screen residence time, this results in drier solids,better drilling fluid recovery, longer screen life andreduced operating costs. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

Kosun- China Solids Control Leader&Drilling Waste MangementExpert

How to Select Shale Shaker Screen Sizes?

Shale Shaker Screen is wear part of the shale shaker, mainly classified into soft sieve screen, sieve plate type screen,and frame plate type screen.Product characteristics are wear resistance, wearability, rating of temperature, low cost, easy disassembly, conductivity ( powder ) liquid, good trapping ( dreg ) effect, etc.

shale shaker screen
shale shaker screen

Shale shaker screen sizes selection is based on original shaker screen size. Such as the overall dimension. Shaker screen dimension, usually means the overall size of screen panel. If the screen is framed one, dimension include length, width, height or thickness. If the screen is hook strip, dimension means the length, width, and hook height or hook size.

Besides screen overall size, there are detail size on screen panels. Such as holes shape and size. The screen cloth mesh size. Effective screen area, the non blanked area, and so on.Users should also consider the certain drilling condition or mud property. The main function or achievement we need.

shake shaker screen sizes
shake shaker screen sizes

Almost shaker screen demand is the replacement shaker screen for present shaker. Screens replacement should be completely interchangeable with original or existing one. If user are not sure about screen mesh size or API size selection. Please toward to mud engineer, shaker screen manufacturer. Take their suggestion as reference or guidance.

Usually, at the beginning of well drilling the screen cloth request coarse opening. Thus we’ll enjoy higher frequency. When the well drilled deeper and deeper, we request finer and finer screen. As the drilling mud property and cuttings are different.

The popular shale shaker screen sizes including 700x1050mm, 630x1250mm, 585x1165mm, 710x1250mm, and so on. Mesh sizes for oilfield solids control shaker are usually from API 40-API325.

Brandt Shaker Screen Replacement – Drilling Fluid Equipment

Brandt Shaker Screen

Brandt shaker screen is the key component in shale shaker equipment. They function as a sieve to block the solid drilling waste and let the precious drilling fluid to be carried to a separate channel for further treatment.

Shaker Screen is used in Shale Shakers as part of solid control system in drilling operations of various industries, such as oil and gas drilling, mining, coal cleaning, etc. They primarily serve the purpose of separating drilling cuttings from the drilling fluids.


Brandt shaker screen replacement
Brandt shaker screen replacement

Drilling fluid is a cocktail of number of chemicals that help in the drilling process. Drilling fluid is prepared in two variations – water based and oil based, and they are very costly to obtain. They serve as lubricant agent to keep the drilling waste management system efficiently functioning. They keep the drilling bit cool and clean to penetrate deeper into the borehole.  And because of these reasons, operators invest in technologies to lower their overall operational cost and also for the environmental purpose. Shale Shaker are one such equipment to achieve that goal.

Shaker Screen has two integral parts – a screen Panel and a screen Mesh. A screen panel will hold the mesh in place, to efficiently serve its purpose. It is much like a larger frame that holds smaller sections of the mesh with help of intersections. The frame itself comes in different material and shape. One key differentiator among them is the area of mesh between these intersection, that could be utilized for the screening. These intersections are known as “blanking”. The lower the blanking better the shaker screen’s performance.

The screen mesh could be understood as a piece of cloth woven with the wires to form fine rectangular openings. The screen mesh comes into variety in terms of its durability and conductance. Then there is a binding agent that joins the screen panel with the screen mesh.
The most modern development in shaker screen field is introduction 3D screen technology.

Shale Shaker Screen Sizes in New Kosun Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker Screen Sizes

Shale shaker screen sizes is decided by shaker screens. Different shale shaker screens have different shale shaker screen sizes.

American Petroleum Institute has laid down the guidelines for solid control systems in drilling industry. However, the main purpose of this standardization was to provide the end user with a fair idea of what they are investing their money into, when the purchase a certain type of shaker screen.

Now, before we delve into the benchmarking by API, let us give you an overview of what the shaker screen is or why is it that important to be researched about?

shale shaker screen sizes
shale shaker screen sizes

Drilling is widely used activity in oil and gas industry, to obtain deep seated fossil fuel to fulfill the fuel requirement across the globe, and that makes this industry quite enormous. The drilling operations are carried out on hard ground surface or on the ocean surface. In the entire drilling process, one of the main challenges is the handling of the drilling waste, it is called solid control system. The most important but easy to missed part is the shale shaker screen sizes application in real spot.

API being one of the largest trading group of US in drilling industry, has set up certain industry standards to test the quality of shaker screens, that are respected worldwide. Based on these tests, they have labeled different shaker screen sizes that approved by ISO, and encourage the shale shaker manufacturers like Kosun to use those labels on the product to enable the end user for a fair comparison before purchase.

While quality of different shaker screens cannot alone assure its performance, as the actual performance, in terms of conductance and life, will depend on a variety of aspects. To name a few – Handling of shaker screen, installation and replacement, appropriate tensioning, deck rubbers, storage and cleaning, volume of mud and solids, etc.

How to Properly Use a Shaker Screen

Shaker Screen

As it goes with any project operations, many a times the disaster will take place because of very basic things were overlooked or not taken care of. So prevention is better than the cure, following this philosophy, let us outline for you a few tips that could make you shaker screen last longer than you imagined:

shaker screen
shaker screen

1.    A shaker screen is the most critical component of shale shaker , as it plays an important role in separating the solid from fluid. If the shaker screen let the large solid pieces pass through the screen, chances are that they will end up chocking the whole equipment and making your project operation to halt in no time. So make sure that you select the most optimum screen size.
2.    Timely preventive supervision of any shaker screens will go a long way in preventing any lasting damage to the equipment itself. The moment any wear and tear is spotted in the screen, even any blockage, consider taking it off and either clean it thoroughly before replacing or go for a new one altogether if the screen is not in good condition or reusable.
3.    Do not use sticks or brushes while cleaning the shaker screen, also make sure that you don’t end up using extra high pressure water guns to clear the screen holes, as it might be harmful for finer meshes.
4.    Mishandling may also cause damage to shaker screen during Storage. As storage of shaker screens is often times the most overlooked aspect. The screens storage in a way that prevents them from friction or jerks that might cause them to be torn away.
5.    The overall functioning of the equipment is also an important aspect, make sure that the deck rubbers are properly installed and not worn out. Also look at the condition of shaker basket.
6.    Always go for API conformed shaker screens only as to ensure the quality of your screen.