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Shaker Screens for sale

In the past, countries and manufacturers developed screen panels with their own specifications and placed them on the market. Users chose screen panels for the price without understanding them, just look for shaker screens for sale. The lack of credible criteria and disparities in the market confounded shaker screen end-users.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) standardizes criteria and regulations that streamline identification of screen panels in the industry. API unravels the mystery behind screen technology to provide industry standard specifications that make it easier for users to choose the right equipment for their work. By doing so, they have put in place international standards to regulate solid control. So now we should choose the shale shaker screen manufacturers who passed API certifications, and then the shaker screens for sale is acceptable.

shaker screens for sale
shaker screens for sale – kosun

•    Cutting Point Testing
The API RP 13C uses dry aluminum oxide sieves to determine the size of particles that can be separated by a screen. The test is not a performance indicator but a characterization of mesh openings.

•    Measure of Conductance
It measures fluid permeability per unit thickness using Darcy’s law. The test determines the ability of a fluid to pass through the screen at a predetermined pressure drop.

•    Efficiency Testing
The API RP 13C screen efficiency testing does not measure performance; it characterizes screen openings. It uses aluminum oxide grit on a Ro-Tap sieve shaker to determine conductance and provide a description of the openings in the screen.

•    API Standard Screen Labeling
The API standard screen labelling is done to ensure that the equipment is compliant to international standards. The regulatory body requires that the label applied to the screen be
–    Permanent
–    Visible
–    Legible
–    Adhere to established guidelines.

The API standards is a God-send for shaker screen end users.  Kosun has 24 years manufacturing experience in oilfiled driling mud separation and solid control system, and lucky is they offering shaker screens for sale recently, but only in several shale shaker screen sizes.

It has demystified specifications and streamlined the shaker screen market. Users are assured when they know that the equipment they are buying is ISO certified and meets international standards.

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