How Vital the Shale Shaker Screen Mesh Plays in Solid Control System?

If the drilling mud is compared to blood, the shale shaker acts as a kidney.
In that way, the shale shaker screen mesh is the necessary filtering component for the whole solid control system. Choose the right shaker screen mesh for your drilling slurry purified equipment, resulting in high efficiency of mud recovery and decreased drilling cost.

The shale shaker screen is used to achieve the screening and classification of materials. KOSUN shale shaker screens mesh is usually made of wire or other wear-resistant materials, with different apertures and mesh sizes to meet the screening needs of different particle sizes of materials.

shale shaker screen mesh

The main function of the shale shaker screen mesh is to filter and separate the material, to distinguish the coarse particles from the fine particles, and to achieve the screening of the material. Through the vibration movement of the shale shaker screen, the material moves and collides on the screen, and the larger particles of the material cannot pass through the aperture of the screen and are screened out, while the smaller particles of the material pass through the aperture of the screen.

The selection of shale shaker screen mesh should be determined according to the specific screening requirements and material characteristics. Different screen sizes and mesh sizes can meet the screening accuracy and yield requirements of different materials. Generally speaking, the smaller the screen aperture, the higher the screening accuracy, but the yield may be reduced accordingly; The larger the screen aperture, the higher the yield, and the screening accuracy may be reduced.

The shale shaker screen mesh also requires regular maintenance and replacement. With the increase of the use time and the wear of the material, there may be problems such as damage, fatigue, and blockage on the screen, which need to be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the normal operation and screening effect of the shale shaker screen.

KOSUN shale shaker screen mesh is compliant with the American API standards, featuring stable performance and mature technology. They offer high screening precision and can accurately separate particles of different sizes. During the screening process, the vibration and impact forces effectively prevent screen blockages, ensuring consistent screening performance. The screens have a simple structure, making installation and maintenance convenient, while reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

The shale shaker screens produced by KOSUN are compatible with internationally renowned brands such as Derrick, Brandt, and Swaco.