The team building activities of Kosun

On March 30, 2019, in line with “friendship first, competition second, eliminate barriers, improve the team cooperation ability” tenet, Xi ‘anKosun Environmental Engineering co., LTD.‘s long-planned team building activities were finally carried out, and various interesting competitive activities were carried out centering on the theme of “smelting team, relieving pressure, promoting communication and enhancing feelings”.With concerted efforts and in goups, everyone reached the top of the mountain and took a group photo.This activity has achieved remarkable results, and finally achieved the goal of team building, fully showing the full spirit of all the staff.

With a trace of joy, and a little nostalgia, as the sun went down, the trip to climb the Cuihua mountain has gradually come to a close.This activity not only let everyone relax, but also improve their sense of collective honor and team spirit.It promotes the unity, tension and serious working atmosphere among colleagues in the department.